11. Micro-structure of living body

posted : 2009.12.09

What is the essence of the living body?

First of all, it is existence of the cell membrane.

I have been of an opinion for a long time that the liquid crystals and tiny holes or molecular sieves would be the essence of the biological study. The liquid crystals I mean here are linked, combined, or clustered form of crystalline structures.

Once I tried to introduce ionized materials such as calcium 45 and calcium fluoride into the living body by application of the electrization, and I found that the speed of internal circulation system to remove ionized substances was much faster than the running speed of the ionized substances in the body.

Through my experiments I have found that a living body is consisted of an extremely complex and delicate mechanism which would not allow any foreign substance come deep into the body without utilizing the natural circulation system of the body. However, if higher voltage such as 20 - 30 volts is applied, after a few hours, the skin and muscles directly under or near the electrode will be damaged, and the ionized particles will start to flow to the opposite pole.

The cause of this phenomenon may be considered to be explained as follows: Some of blood vessels which had been mortified and/or plugged by the strong electric power decreased or stopped the natural circulation system in that part of the body.

The living body which has such an obstinate and rigid phase has also very flexible phase, although I must frankly admit that it is highly complicated and difficult to understand.

The crystalline structures have only a slight energy to be released individually due to the peculiar arrangement; however, they have a special character of uniformity, cohesiveness, and energy convergence which can not be seen in any other materials.

In order to make a simulator of cell membrane, Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi and Professor K. Yamamoto of Waseda University made tiny holes less than one micron in diameter on a very thin glass plate. Set the glass plate at center of a container as a boundary wall and filled the container with sodiu chloride solutions of different concentration on each side. Then applied electric voltage of 20 - 30 volts between the two solutions. They succeeded in obtaining pulse current similar to that of nervous cells.

When higher voltage was applied, blue white rays were seen emitting from the border line of the two solutions. This light may be a kind of liquid plasma. The lights emitted by the living body such as cuttlefish, mackerel, firefly etc. are blue white generally. To compare the sources of these lights is quite interesting.

The two solutions can not be mixed together, for the holes between the two solutions are too small (less than one micron in diameter) and the two solutions of different concentration stay in unmixed and balanced condition. However, by the application of electric voltage between the two solutions they start to mix each other. Then the adhesive force of the two liquids varies inversely proportional to the square of diameter of the holes and when the diameter of the holes becomes less than 0.l micron what would happen? We can hardly imagine.

Among the worlds of very small particles, especially in crystalline structures, there may happen many events which can not be solved by our common sence. For example, a little rubbing sometimes creates many hurdred dgrees of heat or many hundred volts of electromotive forces.

Here we can guess that living beings are composed of special cells of a few microns in size and these cells may be the source of energy of the living body.

Another fact, known to us, is that electrically treated carbon crystals have much more strength than the metallic substances. The living body sometimes shows unexpected strength, also may due to such principle as above.

Anyway, the study of crystalline st. es and small holes would be the problems fro now on. In case of LASER (Light amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) large quantity of small energies are accumulated and radiated at some very small fraction of a second and accomplish a big work. It is interesting when we consider the LASER as one of converged energy of crystalline structures.

Recently Du Pont Co has constructed a plant to produce pure water frow the sea water. In this plant the pure water is obtained through pin holes or tiny holes biologically using APO (Anti-Osmotic Pressure).

The sea fishes do not have excessive salt in their bodies and it may due to the ion pumps of the cell membrane and the source of the energy would be AOP as above.

The biological pump, ADP may produce unlimited amount of pure water and mineral resources from the sea water, a d some day it may change a vast desert into a green land.

Another fact is that the stimulation of the living body is transmitted through the chain-link system of some well arranged liquid crystals. The signal is transmitted only through a fine line from a point to the respective point without scattering or affecting in other areas, It is quite similar to the electric current flowing through a well insulated conductor. However, in case of electric current it will produce magnetic flux which will affect electrically the surroundings of the conductor. On the contrary, nervous system communication does not affect the unnecessary area or part of body. The transmission of a stimulation in the living body makes us think that living bodies are composed of liquid crystals.

Most of the lights emitted by the living bodies are blue white and the lights emitted by the simulator of cell membrane are observed also blue white. The electric impulses produced by the simulator are observed quite stable and of high frequency similar to that of the cell membrane.

These facts gave me a suggestion as follow:
"The mechanism hich generates energy from the cell membrane of a living body seems quite similar to that of the simulator of cell membranes that we used in our experiment."