6. The method to change surface-phenomenon

posted : 2009.12.09

The changing of surface-phenomenon around the cell membrane can be easily tried in a test tube, but is difficult in a living body especially trying on a certain fixed part of the body continuously. The surface of the cell membrane is not so simple, and its complexity can be considered from the following fact.

A small amount of PAS (Para.-Amino-Palicylic Acid) shows some remarkable effect on the bacillus of tubeculosis in the test tube, however on the tuberculosis of a living body, it requires a large amount to be effective. There are some medicines that show counter-effect also. The cause of this phenomenon is not known clearly yet, however we can assume that an adhesive or adsorptive force of small particles is playing some role in the serum or in the cell membrane.

In the salt bath, the flow of ions can be observed. The flow of ions varies in accordance with the composition of the salt bath,and when electric current is passed through the bath, the flow of the ions will increase tremendously.

In case of the living body there may exist many small ionized particles that are floating, wandering and or loitering aroxmd, inside, and outside of cell membrane in many layers. These small ionized particles may resist or retard motion of the PAS and other medicine toward the part of body where there exist bacillus of tuberculosis.

What would happen, then, if the electric current is passed through the living body of a tubercular patient? It may increase the motion or running speed of the ionized particles. But in what direction? Of course, the cation or positively charged particles will move toward the athode and anion or negatively charged particles will run toward the anode. If the particles of the medicine are also ionized, they must move in the same direction. Even if they were not ionized they may join the current of the ionized particles. The tubercular bacillus also may take a part in the running competition. As the result, the application of electric current, through the inflamng part of tuberculosis, may open the passage for the PAS and other medicine to the spot of disease. Therefore, the application for long period of electrization concurrently with the chemical therapy may increase the effect of the medical treatment.

Under such assumption, I decided to try an application of low voltage electric current through a living body for a long period. The clinical test of the experiment was started easily on patients of tuberculosis.

From the standpoint of electrochsrdstry, I have not heard any person except me who has ever tried such an experiment.