8. Counter-effects of electrization

posted : 2009.12.09

I have observed carefully the granulation that appeared at the edge of catheter of a tubercular patient who was taking Nonaldi's Suction Treatment. After the electrization was started on the patient, the granulation became smaller and dried, cough and sputum decreased, and showed the improving symptoms of the patient.

However, after the electrization was continued for two to three months, the granulation started to get wet, increased the amount of cough and sputum again. It was a peculiar phenemenon, and I could not understand the reason. Then, I stopped the electrization and again I observed improvement of the syxrptom. This is definitely a counter-effect of the electrization to the patient.

Then I thought of the protein which is very complex and shows both positive and negative characteristics electrically. Has not this phenomenon some relation to my experiment?

Furthermore, when I applied the electrization for two weeks intervals, that is, applying the electrization for two weeks, than stop for two weeks and resume application for another two weeks, and so on, I could obtain a favorable result of the medical treatment. Well experienced plmsicians in cklnics often change chemical therapy every two weeks for the patients who require long period medical treatment. It is to change the atmosphere, probably.

There may be some relation between the electrization and the chemical therapy. It is no doubt that each of these treatment has some effect of the electric power, the ionization and the magnetic field from the basic consideration. However, to what extent and how does electricity affect on human body I do not know, and it is an interesting problem to be investigated.

By application of the electrization to the serious tubercular patients, using the stupe method, 6 to 8 hours per day, for 3 to ln months continuously, even the airless part of the lung has shown similar effects as found by the anatomical dissection later. The stupe method also causes some disappearing of oedema at the contact point of the electrodes, makes hemoptysis and hemosputum transiently, and vanishes melamine color of the skin, near the anode, of the patient, etc. These phenomena may deserve our further study.