13. The essence of the affecting of radioactivity

posted : 2009.12.10

Pertaining to the essence of the affecting of radioactivity, there are many difficulties and unsolved problems in the area of biological study. However, certain progress can be emected by the aid of parameters as stated in the previous section.

For example, we can assume that some permanent changes are being taken by the affecting of radioactivity in the metaboric process which is much larger than the molecular units.

Suppose we talee this problem from the viewpoint of some misinformation or false report, we may be able to understand the death of beings by the affecting of radioactivity without noticeable exterior damages. In this viewpoint RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) would be as important as DNA (Desozmcibonucleic Acid). From the result, the affecting of thc: radioactivity seems not on the functional decadence for we all lmow that the radioactivity increases the activities of enzyme system rather than decrease them. Then, it may have been caused by some misinformation or some non-controlling-system. Therefore, to investigate the damages by the radioactivity on the living beings, we should put more weight on the study of information or reporting system rather than on the pathological or apparent physical changes.

To make import of a false report understandable, I shall quote the the following parable:

Once there were two mountain climbers who lost their way, by the dense fog, at the top of a mountain. One of them thought that he had found the right way and went down the creek, and lost his life; while the other had had no confidence, stayed at the top of the mountain doing nothing, and saved his life.

This shows that a false information can be worse than the no-information at all.

From the viewpoint of the natural compass of the living body, radioactivity and no-gravity-condition will break the balance, and I wonder if such conditions not hiding the causes of the cancer.