An unpublished paper by Dr. Hiraku Matsueda (1920-1983)

posted : 2015.11.03

This is an unpublished paper by Dr.Hiraku Matsueda (1920-1983). He gave me a typewrtten copy of his maniscript more than 20 years ago. Under kind permission of his daughter, Ms.K.K., this paper is presented as a menory of his activity in medical engineering in Japan. Figures and references were not given, but references given in the Japanese version will be useful.

His hand painting (courtesy of his daughter, Ms.K.K.).



"From Cell Counting to Radiology " by Hiraku MATSUEDA M. D.

Doctor Hiraku Matsueda is a pioneer in the field of Medical Engineering in Japan. His studies based on a broad field of vision are now generally recognized. My own present thesis was written contemporaneously with the development of his thesis, and along the line of his way of thinking. In the light of such a circumstance, I do hope that the thesis reveals the importance of at creative idea with which the investigator develops his own idea. As a friend of Doctor Matsueda I want to express my deepest respect for him, as well as my confidence on his endless progress.

Professor, Dept of First Internal Medicine
Tokyo University


1. Introduction
2. Cell Counting
3. The Lesson Derived from Cell Counting
4. Anti-Sphering Factor
5. INAH Density in Blood
6. The Method to Change Surface Phenomenon
7. Long Period Electrization of Pulmonary Phthisis
8. Counter-Effect of Electrization
9. The Electricity and Living Body
10. Use of Erythrocytes
11. Micro-Structure of Living Body
12. Application of Radioactivity
13. Essence of the Affecting of Radioactivity